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Want to learn to sing better than ever? This is your chance!
Experienced singer, schooled in pop and musical theatre singing, offers private singing lessons. Both for (absolute) beginners and more experienced singers. For adults, but also for children.

Singing lessons will teach you to use your voice in a healthy way (without throat aches or hoarseness)! To explore its range, depth, warmth, volume, vocal effects, etc. To learn to benefit from your strengths and gain in confidence, both on- and offstage.

During lessons you will work on i.e.:

  • Posture
  • Breathing techniques
  • Breath control
  • Using different vocal modes
  • Applying effects
  • Song interpretation
  • Stage presence and performance

Make an appointment to come by for a trial lesson (€18,-), in which you’ll experience vocal training and my way of teaching you in one hour.

Lessons last 60 minutes. The first part of the lesson will be spend working on, and improving, techniques. During the next part you can put your techniques into effect while singing the song(s) of your liking. Accompaniment of the songs will be either with instrumental tapes or with piano. Don’t read sheet music? No problem!!

I teach at my house, click here for the address.

Dates and times:

Tuesday – day and evening
Wednesday – day and evening
Thursday – day and evening
Friday – day

Costs are €37,50 for adults (21 and up) and €31,- for ages 18 to 21. Please find an extensive overview of prices here: Prices.

Please don’t hesitate to call or email me for more apprehensive information!

I hope to hear from you soon!